The Devil made me do it...

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Hello, monsters, how r you doing? 3:)

I'm a redhead since Thursday! Yaaaay, I'm feeling way better now. I was fucking sick of black hair.

I woke up today and I thought...I love Supernatural series, I adore that evil bitch Abbadon, even though she wanted to kill ma beloved douchebags and I got ginger hair so...
Here it is,  beauty and gore version of Abbadon!
(I love her "The Devil made me do it" T-shirt, I need that !)

The beauty make-up is very simple! Here are my tips:

1. Put on light foundation and powder.
2. Use a blush with orange pigmentation.
3. Put eyeshadow base on your eyelid, add vanilla eyeshadow all over the lid and then, using a blending brush, add a brown eyeshadow in your crease.
4. Draw a winged line with eyeliner, glue lashes in the corner and add black mascara.
5. Use an eyeshadow or a brow pencil to draw your eyebrows.
6. Line and fill in your lips with red lipstick


 For the gore make-up:
1. Smuuudge all of your eye make-up and a part of the lipstick.
2. Put on liquid latex along your neck (4-5 layers) and then , using scissors, cut a line in the middle.
3. Fill the hole with black eyeliner or black cream paint, gel blood and liquid blood all over the neck and the wound.


hope you like it,  3:)


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