Trip to Stockholm!

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I was in Stockholm from 1st to 6th Feb :)
I've always wanted to visit Sweden and I did it! :) It's awesome and Stockholm is sooo lovely.

When I arrived to the aparatment with my friends from the Skavsta Airport, I was tired and drunk so I fall asleep really fast :c
Next day - it was Sunday, we were laying and doing nothing until we decided to show me the centre of Stockholm! It was cold but I took some pictures and saw some amazing Swedish buildings, shops and the Birka!

On Monday I met with Jözz for a dinner! We went to the sushi bar :) I had so much fun and I'm so glad I met her! Such an amazing person :)
 We have to meet in June! :P

I really can't remember what was I doing on Tuesday. Sushi maybe?

Until afteroon we were usually laying, smoking, eating, playing GTA V, smoking and eating again and then went shopping to eat more...

On Wednesday in the evening we went to see another city to buy some tasty pizza and see a huge lake~

On Thursday I had to pack my stuff and get ready for my flight :( It was so sad to leave Sweden.

They say there's no place like home, but I hope Sweden will be my new home soon! :D


delicious mousse <3


Ania! The girl I met in the plane to Sweden! Also my first pic in Sweden :D

pyjamas, no make-up , stoned... that's our Swedish morning.

out :)

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