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This post is about what I do and like except make-up! :)

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I like making muffins and coffees.

 I like to smoke.

I was a redhead for 3 days.

I've got two parrots.

I love Victorian and Barok style rooms.

I want a huge amount of tattoos, but I'm not sure about all the designs.

I want to be fit&skinny but I love eating.

I'm a huge fan of Drarry.

I'm supporting LGBT and nothing can change my mind.

I can't control my hair colors.

I'm so fucking lazy that sometimes I think I'm too lazy to live </3

I adore Taylor Momsen

 This is how I looked when I took off my dreadlocks.

 I love sexy or fetish outfits.

 I love hanging out with my friends.

I love making coctails and shots.


 I'm kinda addicted to playing games.
 I'm obssesed about gays.
 I like skeletons.
 I'm into Megan Fox.
 I'm also into K-pop girls.

I love original voices.

now you know more about me :)

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  1. great post!! It's nice to know a bit more of you!