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Some of you asked me how do I take care of my skin.

Well, let's start with the fact that  I was fighting with acne since I was like 10 years old. I've tried everything. When I was like 15-16 I went to the dermacologist and she prescribed me some medicines. These medicines helped me a lot, but my skin was extremely dry.
I stopped taking these medicines after 6 months I think...
Right now my skin is still dry (especially in winter) but I still have problems with discoloration, scars and sometimes with pimples.

This is what I use right now :
(the labels are in Polish but I think these products are also in your country)

Anty acne, moisturizing and matting cream. I like to wear it under my make-up.

Very good anty acne cream. It dries up my skin a little bit so I don't wear it under my make-up but sometimes at night.

Extremely moisturizing cream. I wear it under my make-up or at night, when my skin is very dry.

my favourite mask. REALLY GOOOOOD

I use coconut oil for many things. As for skin - I like to mix it with sugar so I've got a really good exfoliating and
moisturizing peeling.

 That's pretty much what I use right now...
My skin still ain't perfect (I can blame myself for that cause I smoke and scratch my pimples sometimes.... That's the worst you can do .-. )

Thanks for reading and see you~~~

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