Photoshoot in Cracow!

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Hi guys ,
Today I'm gonna show you awesome effects of last Friday's photoshoot with
Iwona Wójtowicz Photography
and the model Olga

When I saw these photos I was like WOOOOOW, Iwona is such an amazing photographer!
Olga looks gorgeous on every photos, because of her unique look!  and daaamn she really IS a model! She totally knows how to pose.

Photoshoot for "Melanż hand Made"
photo: Iwona Wojtowicz Photography
model: Olga /
styl.: Melanż hand Made , Iwona Wojtowicz
makeup: Iku Makeups ETC

Iwona wanted to take some pictures of myself :)
I am definitely not a model, but sometimes photographers like my pink hair so... :c

this one was taken by Michał Piech, who wanted to check me out as a model :)

I hope you liked these pictures :)
There are few photoshoots in plans, so wait for this!
Also I'm in the middle of making Halloween looks! You can check them on my facebook page! :)
Anything you wanna know?:) Just ask me :)


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